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Mission of the School

  • We help you learn world music and culture, etiquette, musical instruments, software-audio and video editors, participate in projects, and realize the talents of children and youth!
  • Training from primary to professional level. The ultimate goal of education is to develop children's taste, thinking, and skills, prepare them for higher education, and find employment.
  • Our priorities are harmonious personal development, spiritual development, realization of children's talents and self-expression.

      About Your Donations

      • If you made a donation on our website with a credit card or through PayPal, check your email. We send receipts from to the email address you provided when making the donation. If you have made periodic donations, we will send a separate receipt to your email address after processing each individual payment.
      • We want our supporters to be 100% aware of what the V-Stars School is spending the donations received. Take a look at the latest annual report for more information on V-Stars School.
      • Can I donate by bank transfer?
        • Yes, we accept donations in the form of national and international bank transfers. Please send an email to for information on bank transfer details

      Main needs and project implementation plan.
      Our experience is more than 10 years at the international level.

      • You can donate to school development (educational materials, tools and equipment, project support) or construction and renovation. Today we have a building that needs to be restored, materials for educational publications and some tools and equipment. The main goal is to restore the building (about 600 m2).
      • Now we have agreements with the authorities to create a festival as a base for realizing the potential of students. Authoritative artists, honored artists, and spiritual leaders are ready to support this festival.
      • We are also ready to cooperate with other schools at the international level on student exchange programs.
      Reviews About Us
      Dmitry Kirsanov
      "I say this as sincerely as it is possible to show sincerity in gratitude. Thank you! We didn 't just work together. You weren 't just our Manager. You have opened the world of real music for us, the true path of the star's ascent, the correct algorithms of work and creativity. I am sure that all of us, and I in particular, are infinitely grateful to you, as a teacher , as a colleague, as a friend!
      Thank you! I was a drummer, Yes. But I started to turn into a musician only at V-Stars school."
      FvF_BY Production
      Only by working with top-level professionals can you grow in your field. ⠀ Thanks to Alexander Panin for you and your incredible team for your involvement in projects such as "SKYFALL"
      Vladimir Zenevitch
      Professor of the Department Of the University of Arts
      Alexander Panin is a great guitarist, whom I have known for a long time as an excellent musician, an artist with his own vision and understanding of art. It has excellent technique and impeccable taste. All those who are familiar with his work note the masterful possession of the instrument , the variety of methods of presentation of musical material, laconism, precision of strokes and subtlety of nuance. The V-Stars school will open the door to the world of music for young people and expand the horizons of understanding art. I recommend it !
      Alexander Vislavski
      Composer, pianist virtuoso, singer of the ensemble Pesnyary
      "I am Impressed by Alexander Panin's masterful guitar playing . I can imagine how much work and effort it takes to achieve such mastery of performance and sound quality"